What’s (NOT) In Our Soap

When you look at the ingredients in our soap, there are only two preservatives that you will find — sea salt and sodium citrate (Citric acid, from the juices that we use in our soaps, that have reacted with the lye.) Those same ingredients work two-fold. Since the ingredients that we use are so rich in vitamins and minerals, they would normally be very desirable for bacteria as well. However, the excess sodium and citrate make those ingredients less desirable and therefore increase the shelf life of our soaps. So, while one of their purposes is to act as natural preservatives, they also have benefits for your skin. The sea salt helps your sebaceous glands to balance the oils on your skin, while the citrates chelate heavy minerals that would normally create soap scum in your bathroom. It’s an all natural win-win.

We want our soaps to clean AND nourish your skin. So we are very selective about what we put in our soaps. Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It literally covers 100% of your body, and it plays a major role in your endocrine and excretory systems. It is a complex organ composed of tissues and membranes that helps to excrete toxins through your sweat, but it also absorbs nutrients and minerals that it uses to produce melatonin and vitamin D. Unfortunately, it also absorbs chemicals.