The Invincible Water Bear or Tardigrade

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In this article I’d like to tell you about the Tardigrade. Otherwise known as the water bear - the invincible animal!

Here are some fun facts about Tardigrades and some answers for a few questions you might have.

Isn’t he cute?!?

Ok. So you might be wondering what Tardigrade is.


A water bear is a minute invertebrate with a short plump body and four pairs of stubby legs, living in water or in the film of water on plants such as mosses.

Tardigradum means slow walker

Tardigrades are micro organisms that can survive almost anything. These small creatures can grow to be 1.2 mm but usually don’t get bigger than 1 mm. Tardigrades live just about everywhere, but they tend to live mostly on mossy rocks along stream banks.

These very small animals, which live in both fresh and salt water, are famous for their ability to survive extremely hot or cold conditions. So just how hot can these creatures get? They can survive for a few minutes at over 100°C, the boiling point of water. And, they can survive temperatures of -272°C for a few minutes. That’s the coldest temperature of space. Oh! Did I mention they can survive the vacuum of space?!?

To date, there are 1000 known species of tardigrade. Like the Acutuncus Tardigrade or the Echiniscoides sigismundi which is the biggest species. There is also the Macrobiotus hufelandi, Beorn (tardigrade).

Another question you might have is, what do they eat and what eats them?

A Tardigrade’s diet includes: moss juice, dead skin sells, and other Tardigrades. Mmmmm!

So now you know what Tardigrade eats. But, what eats them? Ok,let me tell you their predators. Their predators include: mites, spiders, other Tardigrades, nematodes, and more.

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