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  My name is Keoni Kephart and that boy beside me is my son Kaimani. My family and I were involved in the sign language community for over 12 years. Sign language is a very animated language with more gestures than words to tell stories through conveying concepts rather than sentences. This gave us a very unique perspective of visual story telling, most especially for Kaimani. He grew up in the deaf culture and story telling became his first language talent. In order to teach or communicate with a team in sign language, the presentations also have to be more video than text. 

  Over the years, my son and I have become very skilled with video editing. Kaimani, however, has been able to take video graphics to a whole new level. I edit and provide direction, but he can create videos with computer generated animation. If you have and idea in mind or have video that you need edited, we can help. Just tell us how much source video you have and how long you want the product video to be. If you have ideas you want to convey, but aren't sure how, we can direct or offer a script. 

  Give us a call or send us a message or email. We will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible. 

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Tel: 512-827-1163

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