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Who Are We?
Just a family that asked,
"What Can We Do?"

Since 2010, we ran our own business as aquarium maintenance providers. We did pretty well for ourselves but we always stuck to our principals and ethics in proper and sustainable tank husbandry. It was easy to do in Austin, Texas where most people want to do their part to save the environment. Then one day, a series of tragedies struck our family which forced us to move from Austin to be closer to family. We witnessed the ugly truth about the aquarium hobby and wanted to do something.

"But we're just a small family. What can we do?"

  THAT became the driving force for our website. As a chemist, Keoni began making soap and selling them in plastic free packaging. Unfortunately, our sustainable ethics were not well received in the heart of oil and cattle country. 

  But, COVID-19 gave our family the opportunity to recreate our website and learn how to create videos, blogs and write books. We're doing all we can to stand out from the mainstream "disposable-society," by showing that good stewardship is in EVERYONES' best interest. We're building a zero waste community to help show how anyone can make a difference with small intentional changes in their daily life. We also donate to and arrange volunteer efforts to clean up ocean plastic.

Kephart<>Trahpek Family

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