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Mālama - Stewardship, to Take Care of, to Give of oneself in hospitality. Love In Action

We may live on an island, but we realize that "No Man IS an island..." Hawaii is a scientific jewel to volcanologists, astronomers and biologists. Its unique geological features give us a glimpse of the creative and regenerative cycles of nature. Unfortunately, the natural cycles are being disrupted by the destructive forces of carelessness. Through Conservation and Education, we're using everything we have to save our home. Not just Hawaii - Our Planet Earth! But, we can't do it alone. Visit Hawaii. Love Hawaii.

And, help us Mālama Hawai'i

Hike in the Forest


Proper Land Stewardship is vital to protect the fragile ecosystem of Hawaii. We're dealing with Droughts, Rapid Ohia Death (ROD), Erosion, Invasive Species and Rising Water Levels. Planting new trees and restoring native vegetation is the first step.


Ocean Stewardship means restoring our vital reef systems. Corals act as natural wave breaks and slow the erosion of our beaches. They also bring life to our shores and filter nitrates and phosphates from our water. 

Coral Reef


Ghost nets kill whales, seals and sea turtles. Plastic bottles breakdown into micro-plastics which gets ingested by sea life. Plastic Free Sea aims to turn off the Plastic Tap by education and clean up efforts.


Sharks are like the White Blood Cells of our Oceans. They are vital to the health of ocean life. Over fishing and Shark Finning is killing our oceans by killing its immune system. Help us Ban shark finning.

Swimming with Shark
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