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Plastic Free Sea Efforts

About Us

"We Can All Do Something"

Plastic Free Sea is dedicated to reaching out to as many people as possible to turn off the 'plastic tap' and clean up ocean plastic.

If everyone tomorrow decided to refuse just one plastic straw for the day, that would keep 8 BILLION straws from entering the landfills or the sea. 

That's our mission!

To show the world that changes in our lives, big or small, can make a huge impact.

But, why stop there? Our goal is to make the largest impact that we can to clean up our only home - Planet Earth. And, we're starting with the place we love most, the ocean. We plan on living in a world with a plastic free sea, but that's not going to happen without faith and hard work.

Join us and the millions who are looking towards a brighter future and willing to do what it takes!

Be The Change

How can you help?

Buy less plastics. Buy All-Natural.

Use refillable water bottles.

Re-use other plastic containers.

Download free search engines like OceanHero.

OceanHero is a free search engine that uses searches to support funding for Plastic Bank.

And, Donate or Volunteer.


Influencers, Writers, Video Creators, Crew Leaders

Together, We're Stronger!

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Who is Plastic Bank?

Plastic Bank® empowers the regenerative society. We build ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities, and reprocess the materials for reintroduction into the global supply chain as Social Plastic®. Our members receive a premium for the materials they collect which helps them provide basic family necessities such as groceries, cooking fuel, school tuition, and health insurance. Our certified blockchain platform secures the entire transaction and provides real-time data visualization – allowing for transparency, traceability, and rapid scalability.